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Lioness Rampant is a fantasy novel by Tamora Pierce, the fourth and last in a series of books, The Song of the Lioness. It details the return of Sir Alanna of Trebond with the mystical Dominion Jewel, and the final battle between her and her archenemy, evil Roger of Conte.

Alanna once again leaves and; this time, in search of the mystical Dominion Jewel, which possesses tremendously misunderstood magical abilities, to bring back to Tortall. She comes across new friends who help her along her journey such as the Shang Dragon Liam, Princess Thayet of Sarain and her loyal bodyguard. But while successful in her quest to gift her homeland with the Jewel, bad news greet her: Jonathan is now King of Tortall, and her archenemy; Roger of Conté, has returned to life due the aid of her twin brother, Thom, who has become an exceptionally powerful sorcerer.

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