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The Golem's Eye is a children's novel of alternate history, fantasy and magic reminiscent of the Harry Potter series but much darker in tone. It is the second book in the Bartimaeus trilogy written by Jonathan Stroud. The first edition was released by Miramax 1 January 2004 in the United Kingdom.

Like the rest of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, The Golem's Eye is set in somewhat modern-day London in an alternate history in which magic is commonplace and magicians are an accepted part of society; in fact, most magicians are in positions of power. They comprise the government, and commoners are treated as inferior. The main character is Nathaniel, a magician who works for the government in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. His (unwilling) partner is the wisecracking spirit Bartimaeus. Together they embark on a quest to discover the secret behind the commoners' resistance to magic and the mysterious beast that is stalking the city of London.

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