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The Lovely Bones

The Lovely Bones is a 2002 novel by Alice Sebold. It is the story of a teenage girl who, after being raped and murdered, watches from her personal Heaven as her family and friends struggle to move on with their lives while she comes to terms with her own death. The novel received much critical praise and became an instant bestseller. A film adaptation, directed by Peter Jackson who personally purchased the rights, was released in 2010.



The novel's title is taken from a quotation at the story's conclusion, when Susie ponders her friends' and family's newfound strength after her death:

These were the lovely bones that had grown around my absence: the connections—sometimes tenuous, sometimes made at great cost, but often magnificent—that happened after I was gone.

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Reply Eva1644 days ago

i saw the film it was amazing! it made me really want to read the book so im getting it from my library today. i thought it should be rated higher than 12 as it was quite creepy particularly when he was in the bath

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