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Hungry Hungry Hippos is a tabletop game made for 2-4 players, produced by Hasbro, under the brand of its subsidiary, Milton Bradley. The idea for the game was published in 1967 by toy inventor Fred Kroll and it was introduced in 1978. The purpose of the game is for each player to collect as many marbles as possible with his or her 'hippo' (a toy hippo model). The game is marketed under the "Elefun and Friends" banner, along with Elefun and Gator Golf.



The gameboard is surrounded with mechanical, colorful, plastic hippopotami operated by players through repetitive smacking on the back (of the hippo). White plastic marbles are poured over the board, and the players repeatedly slap down on their controllers, thus lengthening their necks in order to snag more marbles, which roll through the hollow interior of each hippopotamus and into a moat enveloping the gameboard.

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