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Casper is a 1995 American family comedy fantasy film starring Christina Ricci, Bill Pullman, Cathy Moriarty, Eric Idle, and Amy Brenneman, based on the Casper the Friendly Ghost comic books and animated cartoons. The ghosts featured in the film were created through computer-generated imagery.

A vindictive woman, Carrigan Crittenden is upset upon the reading of her late father's will that she was given creepy Whipstaff Manor in Friendship, Maine instead of his fortune, but she changes her tune when she learns that there is a hidden treasure within the property. She and her assistant Dibs go to the house attempting to investigate, but discover that it is haunted by a friendly ghost named Casper and his obnoxious prankster uncles the Ghostly Trio; Fatso, Stretch and Stinky who immediately frighten them off the property. Carrigan tries multiple methods to rid the house of ghosts, but fails time and time again. Meanwhile, Casper sees a report of a paranormal therapist James Harvey and is immediately smitten by his teenaged daughter Kat. He quickly manipulates the television in order to convince Carrigan to have the Harveys come to the manor to investigate the haunting.

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