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Asobi Seksu was an American dream pop band based in New York City. Their music drew influence from the shoegazing genre as well, and similarly used a textured and effects-heavy vocal and guitar sound. The band consisted of Yuki Chikudate (vocals, keyboards) and James Hanna (guitar, vocals).

They were originally known as Sportfuck and issued an EP under that name in 2001. The band then changed their name to Asobi Seksu, from the Japanese 遊びセックス (asobi sekkusu), "play sex". Their full-length self-titled debut album was self-released in 2002, and later re-released on the Friendly Fire Recordings label in May 2004. They regrouped with a new rhythm section for their second album, Citrus, which was recorded in New York City's Gigantic Studios with producer Chris Zane and released in 2006 by Friendly Fire Recordings. One Little Indian Records signed the band in Europe and re-released the band's first album and the follow-up Citrus in 2007.

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