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Awolnation (usually stylized as AWOLNATION) is an American electronic rock band, formed and fronted by Aaron Bruno, formerly of Under the Influence of Giants, Hometown Hero and Insurgence. The band is signed to Red Bull Records, and their first EP, Back from Earth, was released on iTunes on May 18, 2010.



Aaron Bruno was approached by Red Bull Records in 2009, asking if he wanted free use of the Red Bull recording studio in Los Angeles. He recorded a few songs in the studio and ultimately signed with the label, calling it more of a "partnership", and was allowed to make the recordings that he wanted. Aaron Bruno has been with numerous bands before he created Awolnation, including Home Town Hero and Under the Influence of Giants.

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Reply Alyssa mehz Miller391 days ago

*sighs* I love this band sooo much :)

Reply Garth Cronwright1065 days ago

Red Bull - well done, you're on the money here!

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