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Cady Groves

Stereo Skyline was an American pop rock band from East Meadow, New York, which formed in 2006.

The group has played at The Bamboozle 2007, The Bamboozle Left 2009, The Bamboozle 2009, The 2010 Take Action Tour, The Bamboozle Roadshow 2010, released two EPs, and released their debut album Stuck On Repeat on July 20, 2010, on Columbia Records.



In 2006, Matt Villani left the Pop Punk group, Valet Parking to form a new band, called Stereo Skyline. Villani initially played piano and synth and sang lead vocals for the band. He recruited Jay Marotta and Anthony Purpura of his former band, Aerosol, to play guitar and bass, respectively, Dane Drozdzewicz to play drums, and Eddie Dizura of Suddenly October to play guitar.

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Reply Lizzie543 days ago

Why does it show stero skyline for like 10 things that are not stero skyline?

Reply Britt Walker901 days ago

xD yeah But dude, Cady Groves is TOTALLY AMAZING!<3

Reply Taylor Kleppen1225 days ago

I think the description is wrong O.o

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