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Nero, stylized NERO, are a British electronic music trio composed of members Daniel Stephens, Joe Ray and vocalist Alana Watson. In August 2011, they released their debut studio album Welcome Reality which reached number one in the UK Albums Chart. In August 2012, "Promises" achieved gold status in the United States. On 10 February 2013, Nero won a Grammy for their collaborative remix of "Promises" with Skrillex.



Daniel and Joe were both born in 1984 and spent their childhood together in Northwood, London. Ray played classical guitar and Stephens played cello with encouragement from his free-jazz musician father. By the time a mutual friend introduced them at the age of 15, Stephens was attending the specialist music school at Pimlico.

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yeah i got a link to some Peter Nero guy that plays piano.

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The current article being linked to Nero, a dubstep and drum n' bass duo, is showing information pertaining to a Roman Emperor - this is most likely due to the lack of an "official" article on Wikipedia. Link:

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