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Shihad is a New Zealand alternative rock band based in Melbourne, Australia. During Shihad's recording career, they have produced five number-one studio albums and three top-ten singles in their home country of New Zealand. Following the September 11 tragedy, the band was known as Pacifier for a brief period of time before reverting to Shihad.

At the release time of their seventh studio album Beautiful Machine, Shihad were ranked equal first—alongside Dave Dobbyn—for most Top 40 NZ chart singles for a NZ artist with a total of 19; although, Dobbyn has a total of 22 if his work with Th'Dudes and DD Smash is included). Of these singles, "Home Again", "Pacifier" and "Bitter" are listed at numbers 30, 60 and 83, respectively, in the Nature's Best compilation, an official collection of NZ's top 100 songs. The release date for Shihad's ninth studio album, FVEY, is 8 August 2014.

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