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The Chameleons (known as The Chameleons UK in the United States) were an English post-punk band formed in Middleton, Greater Manchester in 1981. The band originally consisted of singer and bassist Mark Burgess, guitarist Reg Smithies, guitarist Dave Fielding and drummer John Lever (replacing original drummer Brian Schofield). They released four studio albums and one EP before disbanding in 2003.

Burgess alone continues to play Chameleons songs live under the name ChameleonsVox (or Chameleons V).

The Chameleons were formed in Middleton, England in 1981 by Mark Burgess (vocals, bass guitar), Reg Smithies (guitar), Dave Fielding (guitar) and Brian Schofield (drums). Schofield was soon replaced by John Lever. Burgess previously played with the band The Cliches; Smithies and Fielding with the band Years, and Lever from The Politicians.

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