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The Maccabees are an indie rock band from London, England. They have released three albums so far: Colour It In in 2007, followed by Wall of Arms in 2009 and their most recent album Given to the Wild which was released on 9 January 2012. After announcing new concert dates on their website for November - December 2014, the band confirmed that their fourth album is "nearing completion".

The band came up with the name by flicking through the Bible and picking out a random word. Despite adopting a name with religious connotations, lead singer Orlando Weeks has more recently affirmed, in an interview on Steve Lamacq's BBC Radio 1 show, that none of the band is religious. Their lyrics often include an atheistic theme, in particular their second album's title track, "Wall of Arms" and "All in Your Rows" from their debut album.

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