The TasteKid API is provided to interested parties for integrating our recommendations in other products/applications.

We support XML and JSON/JSONP formats as output for this API.


Any developer can feel free to experiment with our API. However, before using the API, we require an API use request application to be made, using this API request form. Your application should contain a detailed description of your product, together with some usage estimates. This way we can provide each application with an API appID, whitelist certain applications and get a better understanding of how our service can be integrated.


The API url is: http://www.tastekid.com/ask/ws


q: the search query; may consist of a series (at least one) of bands, movies, TV shows, books, authors and/or games, separated by commas. See Query parameters bellow. Don't forget to encode this parameter.

verbose: when set to 1, additional information is provided for the recommended items, like a description and a related Youtube clip.

format: defaults to XML; when set to JSON, formats the response in JSON.

jsonp: only when format=JSON, specifies the name of the padding function.

Query parameters

Besides consisting of a list of bands, movies, shows, books, authors and/or games, separated by commas, the query may contain additional specially formatted text for further refining the nature of the results.

Specify the resource type

Sometimes it might be useful to specify the type of a certain resource (is it a band, is it a movie, is it a book). You can do this by using the "band:", "movie:", "show:", "book:", "author:" or "game:" operators. Query example: band:underworld, movie:harry potter, book:trainspotting

Specify the results type

If the goal is to receive recommendations of a certain type (eg.: only movies), a suffix can be added to the end of the query that specifies the type. Allowed suffixes are: "//music", "//movies", "//shows", "//books", "//authors" and "//games". Query example: the beatles, u2//movies

Response elements

The element contains the item(s) that were searched for, and the element contains the recommended items.

A element has the following elements:

name: name (title) of the resource

type: the type of the resource (music, movie, show, book, author or game related)

wTeaser: resource description (where available, only when verbose=1)

wUrl: resource description "Read more" URL (where available, only when verbose=1)

yTitle: resource related Youtube clip title (where available, only when verbose=1)

yUrl: resource related Youtube clip URL (where available, only when verbose=1)

yID: resource related Youtube clip ID (where available, only when verbose=1)






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