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Samurai Jack

Samurai Jack is an American animated television series created by Genndy Tartakovsky for Cartoon Network. The series follows time-displaced samurai warrior "Jack" (voiced by Phil LaMarr) in his singular quest to find a method of traveling back in time and defeating the tyrannical demonic wizard Aku (voiced by Mako Iwamatsu). Episode plots range from dark and epic to lighthearted and comic, but often contain little dialogue. Stories instead rely on the series' highly detailed, outline-free, masking-based animation, as well as its cinematic style and pacing. Many battle scenes in the series are reminiscent of samurai films and since Jack's robot enemies bleed out oil or electricity and his monster and alien foes bleed out slime or goo, the action of these films can be exhibited while avoiding censorship for blood and violence.

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Reply ComparisonWorld221 days ago

I thought that the show was a little silly but it grew on me.

Reply Misaki575 days ago

I'm in love with this show.

Reply Arun Prasad – in reply to Dan, 668 days ago

agree :)

Reply Dan950 days ago

most amazing show! art style, story, concept, direction. 5 stars!

Reply Ben Caesar – in reply to DEANNA, 1124 days ago

60 dislikes? wtf

Reply DEANNA1648 days ago

sooo sick

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