McDonald’s Announces the Introduction of Three New Desserts

When you think of getting dessert at McDonald’s, the first thing that comes to mind is a fried apple pie.

That’s because the original chain has been serving it since the ’60s, but these days to appeal to customers who are attempting to limit their fried food consumption, the fried version has been swapped for a baked one.

While the all-American pie was McDonald’s first dessert, it now offers a variety of additional desserts.

McDonald’s Announces the Introduction of Three New Desserts

Since its introduction in 1997, the McFlurry has been a hit, giving McDonald’s a unique opportunity to utilize ice cream machines.

With its 1993 start, the McDonald’s menu has branched out with its McCafe menu ever since. Today’s McDonald’s dessert options are still primarily served in a cup or a sleeve, but it has expanded the McCafe selection since then.

The doughnuts featured in this area include delectable rotating pastry alternatives such as cinnamon buns, apple fritters, and glazed pull-apart doughnuts.

The fast food chain, like to introduce new tastes of these classics with the passage of the seasons. For spring, McDonald’s has introduced an entirely new selection for customers to sample during their next lunch stop.

What are the new Desserts at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s Japan appears to be making a genuine effort with desserts.

The matcha flavor, rich mysterious texture of black honey and chewy mochi, and lovely fluffiness of banana custard are all represented in their most recent dessert collection.

The McShake is made with Uji matcha, which is grown in Kyoto and prized for its high quality. It’s combined with milk and costs 150 yen ($1.18 US) for a mini and 230 yen ($1.81 US) for a jumbo.

Matcha is a popular beverage in Japan, but it’s gaining popularity in the United States, and most Starbucks cafés serve their own hot or cold version.

The name comes from the combination of two sweet items: a famous confectionery in Yamanashi that produces a delicious delicate rice cake known as kikyo shingen mochi, and the village’s former name “Kikyou,” which means “lovely land.”

This dessert, which includes the chewy rice-based filling with black honey, sounds amazing. This treat will set you back 160 yen ($1.26 USD).

The third desert is a collaboration with Tokyo Banana, a firm known for banana-flavored sweets. It’s made up of vanilla soft serve ice cream in a waffle cone topped with banana custard and almonds. This costs 250 yen ($1.96).

Aside from these three, McDonald’s restaurant has also created a one-time offering of a peach-flavored McCafe drink with three distinctive kinds of peaches on top. It will be accessible in Japanese restaurants starting April 27.